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Your Solution to Contact-Free Fundraising Online Made Easy!

eFUNDit provides fundraising companies with a full-featured web application integrating all aspects of fundraising to make it simple for the dealer, smooth for the customer, and profitable for both! All you have to do is setup your fundraisers and invite your group leaders. From there, group leaders invite their participants, participants invite buyers, and buyers purchase directly online! Using our online tally sheet, group leaders can view online sales, input offline orders, and submit their totals to you. Gain insight into your sales with a built in CRM including delivery schedule and activity history.

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Features of the eFUNDit E-Commerce Platform

  • Online Store
  • State of the Art Website
  • Pre-Packing Labels
  • Live Delivery Schedule
  • Contact Management System
  • E-Commerce platform
  • Online Ordering & Credit Card Payment
  • Texting direct from CRM to Customer
  • Email Reminders
  • Social Media Integrated
  • Customization for Group Leader & Participant
  • Multiple Products easily Customized
  • Ship to Customer Option

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Software Examples

Click on a screen shot to get more information about the tools available for your organization, as well as for the Group Leader.