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Program Frequently Asked Questions

  • + How does it work?

    EFundIT is an online fundraising platform that operates on several levels.

    First, it allows your customers to run fundraisers online with electronic sales and payment collection. It reminds your customers and participants about important fundraising deadlines, and it streamlines the amount of time they spend running their programs. So it makes the entire fundraising experience for your customers more efficient and profitable.

    Second, this system allows your business to fulfill your fundraising deliveries with a fraction of the time and manpower. You can utilize features like our delivery schedule, automated tally sheets, inventory tracking, projection tools to streamline your operations.

    Third, the system works as your day to day database/customer management system.  It has features that allow you to communicate with customers both individually and via mass text and email. It allows you to schedule future tasks and reminders for every account in your database to save valuable sales time. It also records history of all communication, so that you can refer back to it at any time.

    The overarching guarantee of our platform on all three levels is convenience, efficiency and effectiveness!

  • + How much does it cost?

    Please call 860-670-0495 for plan information!

  • + How many fundraisers can I run?

    There is no limit to how many fundraisers you can run in the system. You could run 1000 of them a year, or more, or less.

  • + How many groups can I manage?

    30,000 and more.

  • + What about offline sales?

    You can do offline and online sales at the same time.

  • + How many participants can participate in a fundraiser?

    As many as 500 participants can be part of a given fundraiser!

  • + How do I get paid?

    Payments are handled by the online payment processor, Stripe. Regular transfers are then automatically made from Stripe directly into your bank account. Like any payment processor, Stripe does take a minimal processing fee.

  • + How can eFUNDit streamline my delivery process?

    We have a live delivery process which helps you schedule your delivery’s thought our CRM. It is great for you customers they know the time and day you are delivering.

  • + Do you support shipping products directly to customers?

    Yes, you can do ship to home and straight donations.

Video Demonstrations

  • + How to add participants to your fundraiser
  • + How to invite buyers
  • + Customizing your storefront
  • + How to use the tally sheet