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Our Story

We are Steve and Janis Moser, and we founded MCM Fundraising in 2000 selling Butter Braid pastries.  As we grew our business, we expanded our offerings with a line of frozen cookie dough and Lyman Orchards pies.  We decided to diversify our frozen product line to include non-frozen items that we could ship directly to customer’s homes. As we grew, we realized there was a need for an online platform where customers could run their fundraiser electronically, utilize credit card payment, and transition to cashless, paperless fundraising.

Prior to 2017, our office had been using multiple software programs to accomplish our daily tasks, invoicing and finances, a database of our customers, and a delivery schedule to keep track of our orders and deliveries. When we began developing our online e-fundraising platform, we knew we wanted to create a software that would change not only the way our customer could fundraise, but that also change how we managed our fundraisers in the office to maximize efficiency. We were able to create a software that streamlined five different programs into one smooth platform: eFundIt. was made to allow fundraising dealers to manage their full customer database, from group leaders, to participants, to customers.

It keeps everyone organized and able to run easy and successful fundraisers. Our platform has been integral in keeping not only us as a business well organized, but has also taken a massive burden off of our group leaders throughout their fundraising process.

This software allows communication through email and texting from the dealer to the group leader to the participant.  eFundIt keeps track of group types, projections, goals, actual sales numbers and previous year sales. This state-of-the-art, customizable program meets all the needs for success in the fundraising business.

An overview of some of the tools available:

  • Dashboard with up to the minute Sales Data
  • State of the art website
  • Online Store with Donation capability
  • Ship to Home simplicity
  • QR Code for easy sign up for Group Leader
  • Automated Email reminders to customers
  • Texting communication for Dealer, Group Leader and Participants
  • Flyer printing with 1 button
  • Postcard mailings
  • Delivery Schedule, Maps and Reports
  • Reporting for Product Ordering, Sales and Delivery
  • Prepacking labels

More features of the program