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Benefits of eFUNDit E-Commerce Platform


  • Cash Flow – provides great cash flow benefits; cash at point of sale.

  • Decrease in Errors – drastically reduces input errors; once the sales are in the system, there is no transferring data to other programs for processing purposes, including invoicing.  This also leads to less errors at delivery, less delivery fixes.

  • Delivery season paperwork – reduced administrative flow of paperwork and double-checking numbers in multiple software locations

  • Increased dollars spent per customer from traditional, order-form fundraiser.

  • Ability to watch fundraiser progress in real-time from both customer and dealer viewpoint.

  • Projecting / forecasting ability

  • Less participant flyers – purchasing, printing and mailing less flyers

  • Increase in out of state sales; non local relatives can support fundraiser

  • Shipped to Home Sales – increased total sales by 15% for larger groups and 30% for smaller groups.

  • Contact free fundraising

  • Customize – ability to customize products, profits and dates for each fundraiser

  • Automated Communication - ability to update participants of any date changes after the fundraiser has started

  • Inventory – ability to use all inventory items with a “sold out” option

  • Start date – can be same day as booking sale. Fundraiser can be setup in  < 5 minutes

  • Cloud based system – no need to upgrade individual software programs on a regular basis (CRM).  Allows for seamless work-from-home capabilities.

  • Perfect Pastries

    The E-Fundraising program has transformed our business - pure and simple.

    After almost two years of using the software, our customers have come to appreciate the many user friendly aspects of the software, including the thoughtful and attractive design of the store and it’s components, such that the user experience is not only rock solid from a transactional aspect, but also an enjoyable one given the aesthetics of the screen real estate.

    The Ship to Home interface offers multi warehouse capabilities, which is essential for implementing our STH programs which come in different shapes and sizes, and originate in different points of origin.

    The data that we receive from the software is relevant, and the presentation reports are customizable and able to be queried according to our needs.

    But perhaps the best quality of the software is the quality service that’s behind the system with the developers of the software.  Whenever questions or concerns arise, the development team is very responsive and has solved our issues 100% of the time.

    If you have a fundraising business you’re wanting to take to the next level, E-Fundraising is one of the tools that you’ll want to have in order to efficiently navigate the increasing demands of e-based sales solutions.

    Chris L.
  • my.MCM Fundraising

    Using completely changed the way we run our office. Tasks that used to take one person the entire day are now done with the click of a button. It’s allowed us to reallocate our manpower to be more efficient all around!

    Adrienne H.